Well she done Did IT, Carley turned THIRTEEN today, kind of a rarity in the Airedale World. ¬†She has gotten a lot thinner than her varmint patrols in the alfalfa field days, and has to have help getting up in HER truck and MY Bed, but other than that can’t say she’s changed much, still no grey whiskers on the snoot or anywhere else so she must be plucking them out every night. ¬†Compared to the first night she got here at age 5 after being severely beaten, she sure has turned into a totally kewl dog and likes everyone and about everything. Doesn’t ask for much, is happy with what she gets, has a few quirks- she has to be in in the same room room or and adjoining one where she can see me, NEVER ever an empty room between us, I’ve trying sneaking away when she was sleeping, which seems to be more often these days, but have never gotten 5 minutes away from her before she bounces up and comes a running in high gear until she sees me then it is like like oh I has just thirsty and was making sure I got some before Fred got it all, and Fred is the imaginary dog that does all the bad things and the water bowl is a 5 gallon bucket so water is easier for these tall critters to drink.