For something so soft

Bananas sure do become very brittle and hard when they are dried and other soft fruits like mangoes and pineapples and apricots don’t get that way…but then dried tommie-toes are hard also, so once again things have  baffled me. Thongs baffle me too. Like whats the point?

haven’t done much today, another super lazy one, found the missing shuffle and now all three are charged and have new tunes to give my eardrums something to do while the rest of the body just loafs around.  Did get a lot of movieing and tv seriesing in today. I even quit watching one movie at about the 20 minute mark I usually make myself watch all of even the worst of them (usually multitasking somethings else) just to say I did and to waste the time otherwise I would not got very many watched if I only watched the best ones.

should get up and take  my meds, but think I’ll wait until need to decoffee before I get up.

Did I mention I know a cheating thieving liar that cannot read, comprehend, understand and follow written and/or verbal instructions??

how very weird

at 1 a.m. the temperature is exactly the same as it was at noon yesterday. Did get in low 80s during the afternoon and the humidity was also in uppers 80s too so it was certainly plenty muggy, or one could say it was down right miserable to be doing much manual anything outside.

I’m done playing in my itunes, went from 21.4 to 17.5 days of tunes, but shouldn’t hear Elton John swooning Daniel 3 times in 5 hours, although do have a bunch of his albums and lots of singles from many more of them. I know there are still dupes, hard to weed out songs when on several ‘greatest’ albums one has accumulated over the years, and I been saving tunes for ever it seems, although only about 33 years on cds and 19 years of mp3s so  I reckon if I ever get around to consolidation of other drives full of tunes I will have many more days worth. Remember when winamp first came out and every one wanted to send you free cds full of mp3s??? Oh your not old enuf…well several websites used to send out free cds of mp3s and of course with ad-ridden software too hoping you’d be stoopid enuf to install it so they could see where you were visiting in your world wide webbing. It was back in the Geocities and Netscape days.  Sure am glad my fav Irfanview is still around and hasn’t done the ‘bundled with’ bullshit . WinPatrol and Irfanview are always the first programs installed in all my winblows driven puters here.

good ole Newegg…was finally out of CD-Rs and was almost tempted to journey up to wallyworld and get some more but decided it was too muggy to be out and about when I could just loaf in the cool air nuking dupes and reading my Scott Turow book and munching my trail mix while couching and then this morning bright and early there is newegg with 25% off blank media…so I now have 100 blank CD-Rs headed my way. So in the meantime, do have a couple of old and reliable netbooks that till haven’t gotten the updated OSes on them. they sure do coming in super handy when there seems to be gremlins running amuck in the network and can do the install with the many usb thumb drives I have accumulated over the years, although a couple old ones have died recently and I finally bricked the last centon one – I shall never ever again buy or get anything with centon on it, good thing the 3 centon drives I had were all freebies or I might be a tad irate.

Why is it that this thingie keeps telling I have all these misspelt words when I know they are real words and reellee spelt right? After all they are words I reellee do say out loud. Oh yeah, there is no one around to correct me englush and tell me I got everythingie in wrong tenses, or is that pretenses?


tis noon

So it Is noonish and the longest day of summer and the outside temperature is only 66, still above though.  Was a brilliant (lots of lightning) storm this morning and of course at 3 a.m. and in a heavy downpour, I’m outside because some moron had left windows open in vehicles (again) and so it goes (still). I had been in the midst of a tweak to my itunes library and really did need an excuse to stop.  Still, managed to  nuke over 1000 duplicates and so now I have more space to store more songs :).  So then I changed songs on my green shuffle (4G 3rd generation versions only for me) and it is now gonna play in my ears songs I do not know all the words to from hearing them so many times.  The black shuffle is the green Expedition I think…and so it still has the same songs as it did three years ago beings the green one said the last update was in  2011 and I’m pretty sure I updated both at the same time. Mainly because I really hate iTunes and what it does with my tunes!

So then,knowing  the power was probably gonna flicker so we could see if the UPSes  work, but guess what…NOT ONE hint of a power glitch…

So I updated drivers in the pretty red Acer AspireOne D257-1648 netbook and now it is all to date again, until tomorrow anyway.

So then I decided I needed something to munch on.  So a  can of mixed nuts, bags of sunflower seeds, craisins, dried pineapples, dried coconut slices (can eat them again without a problem), dried mangoes, dried kiwi, dried papayas and banana slices and a BIG bowl with a couple big spoons and 5 minutes later had a nice batch of trail mix.  For munching while trailing on the couch while a good movie is screening on the laptop.

So now I’m all done blabbering away on the keyboard and therefore it must be naptime

if the 5 a.m. temp is

If the 5 a.m. temperature is 70 (yes above zero) I don’t think it’s going to be a cool day, and the weather guessers have stated that there will be more thunderstorms this evening (That Would be 5 P.M.)

If you’re using MicroShit Internet Browser (some web sites only work with Active X and other MS only crap) and the dumb thing is crashing, more than likely it is because you’re using the 64 bit version, and if you go into the Program Files (x86) and then Internet Explorer and use that one the web site will more than likely work, I have a web site that I HAVE to use IE for and every version from 8 to 11 crashes with regularity so when I saw this ‘fix’ and tried it a bunch of times for several days and not a single crash I decided I might as well put a shortcut to 32 bit IE on the taskbar.  I have been to a couple other ‘troublesome’ sites in the past few days and IE 32bit has not crashed once…Great programming MickeySoft, you’re given us the MicroShaft again (or still)…


the problem with having

The problem with having the entire season of TV shows on hand without commercials is that the first episode begats the second which begats the third episode and much later I have watch the entire season all at once (or two seasons) and I haven’t accomplished a solitary productive thing all day/night. If the thing is recorded off the air with commercials I tend to get things done during the stupid things after the first couple sets as I haven’t seen any ads in a long time and some are amusing in small doses. Add in the fact that I tend to only watch two or three of these shows and seem to lose interest and go on to something else. However the ad free versions are probably the more interesting shows/series to me in the first place, and so I lay on couch with eyes glued to the monitor and only hit pause to refill and defill the mug. But the bottom line remains, I sure the heck enjoyed the day! 😉

After another intense day of mad stampeding buffalo (a.k.a. thunderstorms) and heavy rains there are now flooded river/creeks.  Image a very dry winter followed by a very dry spring and the soil wasn’t even wet enough to sprout seeds,  but when it started to rain in mid May it has rained about every other day and most of the time it has been heavy downpours during boomers, and it all runs downhill (like always, except wind blown water on ice) to the slowest running river in the western hemisphere and therefore we have flash-flooding and just plain old running water out of the banks kind of flooding in the county. {was that a run-on sentence?}

My old laser printer seems to have bit the dust, oh joy. There is a cheap one as a shell-shocker today but  I think I’ll get a duplex wireless one instead. I don’t really print enuf for a spendy feature rich model and most of it is for my eyes only so the cheapest is prolly just hunky dory.

Did I mention I know a liar, cheat and thief? She can not read, understand, comprehend, or follow written instructions!

The More I Do

The more I do the dumber I get, and the more I try to do, the worse it gets.  So won’t mention any more about the stuff that didn’t work as envisioned in my apparently pea sized brain today. Did get some movies and tv transfered to the microserever though, now for plex to do it’s updating and see how long it takes on my pokey i’net.  I HAVE SEEN SPEED and I want it, withOUT bandwidth restrictions too!

Did I mention I know a liar, cheat and thief? I can’t wait to hear her reasons for being so!  Did you catch that thief is not a I after E except for C thingie?? I did, after the spelting checker told me so.

Got the moho more organized and stuff put away, or as in most of the stuff- re-put away in a different spot that made more sense today and prolly won’t make one bit of sense tomorrow so will have to shift things around again. Being organized in a moho is a necessity.

well, it is fun time again

we’re down the road a ways and having fun, installed plex on my G7 microserver and it’s busy downloading lots of pictures and text to tell all about all of the movies it has stored on the server.  Also updated 2 GPS units, both were over 3Gb of maps and thingies, now I won’t get lost anymore except if I don’t know the address of where I’m trying to go in the first place like I was when I got to town..

There was wild stuff out the windows this morning.  first it got really dark, the street lights came back on, the the lightning started then we could hear the booms and along the heavy downpours.

The mutts are glad to see us at the end of the day, although they sure were my buds when I was sharing hamburgers and chips with them.