where is the global warming today?

it’s July, week 31 of the year, the 209th day of the year, it’s summer…and the 1 p.m. temperature is is a blazing 68 degrees (F) outside…and yes I’m on the farm in South Dakota.

hey did I ever tell ya I know a thieving cheating liar?? that can’t follow directions even when they are written in a legal document??

hail, hail, the hails all here

yup, here I sat (really laid out horizontal) reading a really good book when it sounded like the wind was a blowing, so as I heard the clatter upon the roof I thought oh crap, and the moho windows were all open, so flying out the door I did go, and as rapidly as I could, I trekked thru the hail and tips of branches and the BIG heavy drops of water that were a falling outta the sky and the wind, yup, she sure was a howling and about took the door out of my hands but I was lucky, I had a good grasp of it and therefore, as I stumbled up the steps and tried to close door behind me I twisted my ankle trying to not let the door get blown somewhere other than the closed position. Successfully latching the entrance, and as the water dripped off of me, I rather quickly went about seeing to the windows and vents and then of course I was stranded until the storm had passed because I wasn’t about to trek back thru it to the house and my book. So now with dry clothes and in a sec a fresh cup of coffee, I’ll be back to the book, if I remember where I put it because I don’t see it near by.

have I told you I know a lair, cheat, thief and all around bitch?? well I do!