on the 240th day

on the 240th day of 2014 it is 2 in the afternoon and it’s 75 degrees and 83% r/h. In other words, not to warm but down right muggily if one steps outside. But we have 13:22 hours of daylight (official sunrise to official sunset which means actual daylight without needing lights to read is about 15 hours.

heard in a courtroom “Law is written in books, Justice is a point of view. You can not enforce a point of view.”

wise man said

A wise man said “The difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter.”

It’s Oh dark thirty and outside it is currently 57 degrees and a muggily 92% rh!

I forgot

I forgot what I was gonna say…wonder if that’s a side effect of become an almost old person. ’tis not very nice out, the temp is only 70 with a nice 6 mph breeze, BUT [there’s always a BUT in South Dakota weather] the freaking humidity is a sweltering 93%. just grab yer soap and go outside and walk about 50 feet, you’ll be wet enuf to lather up!

Have you read here that I know a thieving lying person? Oh well, if not, I certainly do. Can’t even follow WRITTEN instructions.

Well guess I could go back to my book, a real tree wasting one for a change. My Kindles [one kindle 2 and two Kindle 3] all needed charging and I’ve been just grabbing the one closest to me when I look for one and the charging cable was, um, ah, oh, yeah I couldn’t find it because it was connected to phone even though the other end wasn’t in a USB port or a charger, musta hadda a brain fart and thought the cable would get me more bars..DOH;)