U mite bee

you’re a little bit of a germophobe if you wash your belly button twice a
week with hydrogen peroxide and q-tips.

note to sidekick: yes I know you have to do this for a week or so when you get your belly button pierced.

par for the course

except we’re not playing golf…in the bandwidth restricted arena of satellite dish Internet I download a 230meg file only for it to tell me it won’t work on the OS I have, couldn’t they have mentioned that somewhere on the download pages??? geez…

It sure has turned yellow around here since it was 25 degrees the other night..in a few months we will be in shirt leaves out dancing at 25 above.

was coming home at oh dark thirty or so last night, and was coming down the Kaylor oil (county highway for you non-boondockers) and had set cruise to 58, usually do 65 in daylight (limit is 55 for all you non-boondockers) and came over the hill to see a car parked in the field approach with reflective HIGHWAY PATROL in big letters…as I went by I noticed quite a bit of red light glow so he musta had the radar on, good thing I was looking for ‘yotes (you non-boondockers know the dude that chases the roadrunner??) and bambi coming out of the corn field here and there. First time I have ever seen Smokey on the side of the road watching for speeders on the Kaylor oil.