y is it???

why is it every time I go to use the ipad it has a dead battery??? good thing gotta touch and a nonphone iphone and a android tablet and a….
tis a tad cool out, single digit right now and the low tonight is said to be minus seventeen according to the weather guesser folks. it certainly feels like it could be right now and beings we had a non-white christmas, I guess a super cold new years eve will be about right.
finished Adam Makos book called A Higher Call about a air force story of WWII. learned a few new things reading it, a really good true history read.
started Tom Clancy’s Command Authority a liitle bit ago, another book with lots of details and twists and takes a bit longer to read them. gotta stop every once in a while and let all the info go into the right folder in the file cabinet to be recalled later on and figure out if it’s a clue or a dead end or a ???
the fruit cake is all gone, I’ll get another one in about 5 years 😉 twas good though.
and now it’s time to decoffee and perhaps make a new cup, coffee pods of different flavors tis a nice thing, altho they are expensive and the plastic pods sure seem a great waste for the landfill…they need to make them biodegradeable, some how I’d guess some one is trying to do just exactly that idea. I normally use the refillable pod with regular coffee but some times a feller just wants some flavor in there too. and making it a cup at time when you want one is better than making a pot of java then having to nuke it. or so I think anyway!

tis purty out

a soft gently falling snow is upon us tonight, about ankle deep when I went for the snailmail, a tad cool at 23, but still very nice to look at out the window snuggled down in the comfie fort. Even have a cup of hot apple cider to help enjoy the sight too.
guess I can redo the songs on my shuffle, Christmas is over so can reload the normal noise makers on it.

4GJD: Spot strolls into the local neighborhood doggie bar where Rover is tending the bar tonight and as Spot sits upon the nearest empty barstool Rover asked the historically time honored bartender line “What can I get ya this evening?” and thus Spot replied “just water tonight to squench my thirst, thank you” and so Rover ask “will that be tap water, bottled water or toilet water?”

Ho Ho Ho here comes Sandy Paws

well the jolly ole fat dude is out and about, doing his usual thing on this night but to tell ya the truth I didn’t notice the daylight being any longer today than it was yesterday! but any ways, Happy Howlidaze and all that stuffs to one and all.
the weather outside is truely nightmarish here right now, it would seem Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are having a domestic dispute again. it started out with snow this morning which had everything a nice white by noonish, then it started to rain and as the sun set there was no snow left and now the winds are a howling and the barometer is once again heading to the basement and the roads are probably very slickery beings its just 28 degrees.
the thin ipod classic decided to not work yesterday, I thought oh no, it died, as nothing was happening, no sound, no display, and after I tried a few things to make it turn on and nothing seemed to help, I just set it aside. now 42 hours later I pick it up and it shows a red battery, hmmm, me thinks that is an improvement from yesterday and so now let’s see what happens, but after being on the charger for couple hours it is still charging up, so will have to see how long it runs after a 8 hour charge and then say, well, it just wasn’t its day or twas a fluke or the gremlins are out and about, or, it might need a new battery, and with my other ipod classic needing a new headphone jack, we might be in the ipod classic repair business, or I can leave them both in docks and use the touch or nanos when going out and about. mmmm, me thinks there are too many toys around here. with a nonphone iphone and a touch now, the ipad is gathering dust. the clock radio with the two 30 pin connections on top sure is the cats meow for charging things as I listen to my noises, I can hear either gizmo, and the remote thingie allows me to switch sources while burrowed down in the comfie fort and now I can choose which two are charging by merely ploping them on the connector and not having the cable spaghetti that always seems to happen around the charger/plugs when using regular usb charging cables. did find a short 30 pin usb cable with a right angle on plug on ebay, so there is a purple one on it’s way. ebaying can sure be lots of fun and really can eat up the clock if one let’s it.

note to skye: yes I know they are run-on sentences, but that’s how me thinks
sidekick: this ain’t no classroom!

it’s single digits outside

oh how I like my comfie fort tonight with a electric blankie under it as seems a tad cool with only single digits outside but at least we’re still on the plus side, the winds have calmed considerably since yesterday and the white stuffs has quit falling down upon us too.
got crumpets (okay so their really just cookies), got tea, hey it must be time for tea and crumpets- always good on chilly nights, or days, or mornings, or evenings or dawns or….

did he ever return

after a nice weekend (48 hours all above freezing), ole man winter has returned, blowing at 35-40 mph and below freezing temps and high humidity means the walk to the snailmail box was ankle deep in that white stuffs, but luckily for me the headphones I wanted were in the mailbox…
a little over a week ago Skye sent me a touch thingie, he had bought it cheap because ‘the battery wouldn’t last more than one hour and so the guy got pissed and threw it and then it had a broken screen too’ and so after he pedaled his ass to the store to get a new battery and a pretty blue screen (no purple available) and then thought might as well get new back so it wasn’t scratched. and so after it was all installed he zoomed up here and I now had an almost new 4th generation 64gb touch although I must admit it’s the first one I’ve seen that the screen wasn’t black or white…and so it joins the nonphone iPhone which pretty much does the same exact things for me, like play music and gets the weather to compare to my PWS. So today the lil rascal says ‘hey Dad’ and I smiled, ‘how many songs you got on that there touch thingie today?’ so I unplugged it as I had run the battery down to RED, and peeked in there and went ‘WOW’, I had copied 7111 songs onto it from my macbook itunes…geez I didn’t know I even had that many songs in itunes, but guess I must beings the touch was reset to factory settings and I had to name it and enter all the stuffs required to use it. the lil rascal always says he ‘zoomed’ something up here when he puts a package in FEDEX or UPS for me. the first time we met the lil rascal was riding a bike past us and I asked ‘You know that’s illegal?’ and he abruptly stopped and looked at me and said ‘what’s illegal?’ and I said ‘pedaling your ass!’ to which he burst out laughing, and so in almost every conversation since he is always pedaling his ass to do something or go somewhere.
tonights a good night to burrow down in the comfie fort and maybe with the electric blankie too and watch some movies. got eggnog, got munchies, got movies haven’t seen, got lots of time, so must be the thing to do. there sure is a lot of ice and other things banging on the house from time to time.
“A life lived in fear is a life half lived”

take & add

first you need old car with radio, but new enuf it has fm (it’s a required part) and you have a old Ipod Nano (gen 4 or 5) and you add on a Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter NA22039, and wa la, you have a radio (nano+itrip) and as you motor on down the road yer a listening to da tunes without the crap commercials and the slightly wacko DJ.

Note to sidekick:yes they (and udder companies too) make some that will plug in any 3.5mm audio jack, but this one is exactly the same shape as the the nano case and has 30 pin connector so it looks like a slightly longer nano and therefore tis kewl…

Boys can write their names with relative ease in the snow (remember: don’t eat yellow snow) but what girls name is easy to write in da sno????…

man can you believe I paid $2.22 for a gallon of gas- I can’t remember last time it was that cheap, of course I spent the spare change in the grocery store last night….

The girls name….Dot…

it seems to be nice out the past few days, wasn’t to terrible cold or windy, and there is no snow left except for some really packed drifts in sheltered areas…will we have a white Christmas- not likely by the looks of theing right now, but this is the Dakotas and the weather can change in the blink of the eye….

recipe of the day
OREO Cookie Balls

1 pkg. (8 oz.) brick cream cheese, softened
36 OREO Cookies, finely crushed (about 3 cups)
4 pkg. (4 oz. each) semi-sweet baking chocolate, melted

MIX cream cheese and cookie crumbs until well blended.
SHAPE into 48 (1-inch) balls. Freeze 10 min. Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan.
REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm.

like eggnog?? make a eggnog pie- just take a graham cracker crust- the chocolate ones work great for this- and use a pudding mix (I prefer the nuke ’em kind rather than instant type) and instead of using milk just use eggnog..Tis different and yummie too…

speaking of food, and the need for a 4th grade joke of the day: how did the baby get fed before it was born???
if you truly hate to say ‘I don’t know’, and take a guess at “through the umbilical cord” you’d be wrong because the answer is ‘Womb service’.


as stranger things have been known to happen, there I was in the VAMC waiting to see another Dr after I had seen a couple, got shot in the back, shot in the butt, shot in the knee, two new knee braces that don’t make noise in the hinges; and as I was reading the several months old magazine, they came on the radio with the trivia question, ‘category: Landmarks, Question, what is built on the site of the the original John Thompson farm?’ and I blurted out ‘the Empire State Building’, and the guy at the desk looked up and said ‘Are you sure?’ ‘No,’ I said ‘I have no idea why I think I know that!’ and three other people said as fast as you blurted that out I’d bet money it’s right, so guy at the desk started dialing, and then after a bit he said ‘the Empire State Building’ followed by ‘well this is Paul(not really) at the VA and the answer was said by one of our patients here and I’m just doing the calling, but he’s hobbling to the phone as fast as he can’, so then on radio we hear they have a winner and will back shortly with details, so the way you get prize is pick a number and that number has your prize on back, and as they explaning it on the phone, they were saying on radio what prizes could be and what numbers were used (1, 7, 21) beings a new month lots of numbers to pick so beings all the lucky numbers were used I picked 13 (I was born on the 13th) and the prize on the back was, how shocking, the most expensive prize, a Ipod Nano…how nice beings my purple 5th gen Nano had died a few weeks ago (Also have a black 5th gen) and I was looking at either an ipod classic or maybe itouch if I could find one cheap enuf on ebay (veteran disability pensions aren’t that big). So I then had to drive downtown to pick up my new green toy and still haven’t even loaded a single song on it yet, but did tweak a few settings and charge it…and yet another different power cord required- couldn’t be like any the others could they?? one for shuffle 3rd gen, one for iphone3/ipad3/nano (gen 5), one for dumb phone, one for external drives, one for usb3 hub, one firewire, one dual usb A connections. a feller needs a separate backpack just to haul all his cables around for his portable devices…
and as for the shots and braces, the injection sites are a tad tender yet, but moving around is much easier today altho we are still not ready to do another Wichita Marathon.

The most common misspelling (mispelt in roskoese) on the Internet is loose or lose. the second is separate and seperate (one doesn’t exist in a normal common everyday americanized englush dictionary)

tis December once again

it’s another bitterly cold night upon the prairie.

John was known by his frugalness and tight reins upon his money. It was said he carried a handkerchief in his pocket and blew his nose into it for fear that he would blow away something valuable.