whats the answer?

I say 1, parentheses first so 2+2 is 4, x2 is 8, 8 divided by 8 is ONE

no, (first), then left to right; 8 divided by 2 is 4, times 4 (the 2 plus 2) is SIXTEEN…

so which is right???

I smiled

A rock band was right outside of the Democrat debate venue loudly singing, “CNN Sucks!”

no, I did NOT watch debate….

The President should book them for his next rally.

Connor speak

I accidentally lost my sex toy the other day.

It was a real pain in the ass finding it.

the truth is out… T-man in Texas OZ


oh boy, when do the metoos add their names??? Meko the Magnificent

why did I laugh [out loud] at this? KousinKipper

rosko stooped to a new low. Jeff

C, he didn’t hear it from me… Patrick

you guys are mean… Mutt

Forcing Atlas


~ This nation, great as it is… is far from the greatness envisioned by our founding fathers. Power and corruption once reserved for wicked tyrants have crept in disguised as Capitalism cloaking Monopolization perpetrated by Political racketeers and Outsider extortionists. Law upon law upon law has crushed the lifeblood of Liberty away, a poisoned wine poured as sacrament across the altar of Greed.

In the absence of Greatness darkness has filled the once hallowed halls of Liberty…a den of iniquity with no room for the Most High God. The family has been branded the archaic practice of barbarism against the free will of children; The sanctity of marriage a slapstick joke for the pansexual elite. Morality has been replaced with wanton emotional promiscuity and intellectual adultery. We haven’t a integrity rich leg left to stand on.

We are finished…maybe.

What do I picture America to be? What would I like to see? Without an end result defined complaining is nothing but rhetorical mewling. So, a goal it is then. To achieve such a goal, the entirety of the world will feel…when Atlas shrugs. Is liberty worth such a jolt?….

The shackles of the modern machine must be removed. So, to it then…

The Federal Reserve must cease to exist. Its jackboot economic thug Wallstreet must be razed to the ground. Every day the dollar is devalued further. Manipulated into meaningless promissory notes… a debtor’s receipt. We are nothing but vassals serving the modern land lords…our endeavors nothing but debt shuffling and scrap squabbling. A lifetime of labor for a bank to hand you a deed to your own home- but fail to pay their government mandated extortion and your home is ripped from you, leaving you in a residential care hall. We must return to a genuine healthy fear and respect for law and order. We must embrace Capital Punishment and expand its use. Not only murder in the first degree, but the 2nd, rape, child molestation, fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, extortion, blackmail. Political corruption must be extinguished. The American people must be free from political and illegal manipulations, free to push themselves, to pursue the lives our founding fathers always wanted for us.

Any attempt to subvert American Citizens Constitutional rights must be met with swift and absolute justice.

Our children must be brought back to a place of responsibility, of integrity, honor and valor. First, the family must be re-fortified. The home is the ultimate institution for liberty. Responsibility learned at home translates to values and respect outside the home. Discipline must be resurrected and embraced once again. Strength through teaching, discipline, and love. Second, schools must be overhauled. Teachers pay must be doubled, as well as their expected standards. Use of deadly force mandatory for the defense of our children… and battle trauma first responder care an absolute requirement for all educators. Corporal punishment must be reinstated. Accountability must be pursued. Generations have been lost; the Great Society poverty plantations have taken their pounds of flesh. It must be ended – abruptly, and most likely painfully as such a change will not be accepted freely. We must return the elderly to the home. No longer wards of the state, our elderly or no burden- they are an irreplaceable resource. Children must turn off non-living digital devices and sit at the feet of their elders once again – gleaning from them the wisdom of ages…and the pride of generations of greatness.

America needs to come to a place where young men walk openly armed while escorting elderly women across busy streets. We must become a place where aggression is the only answer for any threat to the loss of goodness, and only goodness will be accepted. Respect, Integrity, Honor, Valor, Courage, Virtue, Justice, Diligence, Love… the hallmarks of the greatest of societies… must be reinstated at the highest levels, and reciprocated to very youngest of us.

A new day can come; a new history can be written. No history worth writing ever came easily, nor was an easy history worth the effort to write. We must make this a History worthy of teaching. ~

Congress vacation

why is Congress going on a 6 week vacation with no border reforms in place???
Try to enjoy your vacation Democrats. Most of your town hall meetings will probably be some of the biggest whining sessions ever conducted. Our POTUS has sure given you more than ample reasons to keep you up all night during your time away from your job.

I am convinced

OK OK , I am convinced.
Trump is guilty of collusion and obstruction.
He colluded with America, and the American people. He has always loved America and has always pulled and pushed for America to be the greatest country in world history.
He did obstruct.
He obstructed the enemies of America, foreign and domestic.
He has become a HUGE problem and barrier to ALL those who wish to destroy this country.
He is currently obstructing the left, those who wish to turn this great country into a socialist hell hole.