Oh Connor….

why so quiet there young tadpole, did MY pick win tonight??? so sorry, but relax, the world is still revolving…BigBro promises to not have to much Nationals stuff laying around (only because HE is moving his stuff to the new abode…on the road win 7 for 7…weird…and I never watched a single at-bat.

a woman in NY

A woman in New York told a friend that she was going to Texas on her vacation. Her friend asked her why on earth she wanted to go to Texas?

She said, “I’ve always wanted to eat some really good Mexican food, and I figure that’s the best place to get it. I’ve always wanted to learn how to two step, and Texas is the home of the two step. And I’ve always wanted to make love to a good ol boy cowboy type. I figure I can find one there for sure.

After her vacation and when she had returned to work her friend asked her how her vacation in Texas went.

“Did you find your Mexican food?”

She said, “We were in San Antonio and found a place on the Riverwalk with the best Tex Mex food I have ever even imagined.”

Her friend asked, “Did you get to two step?”

She replied, “In the Fort Worth Stockyards, at Billy Bob’s, “The Worlds Largest Honky Tonk”. I danced the night away!”

Her friend then asked, “Did you get the chance to make love to your good ol boy cowboy type?” She told her, “Well, I found a really hunky cowboy type in Houston, but when I saw the size of the condom in his back pocket I said ‘Oh, hell no!’ “