enough of this!!!

After losing in men’s cross country races for the first three years of his running career in college, Jonathan Eastwood who now goes by ‘June’ is a biological male who decided to compete this year in an NCAA Division 1 women’s race as a ‘transgender.’ Eastwood’s personal best in the 800 meters is 1:55.23, that’s almost four seconds faster than the collegiate record of 1:59.10 set by Raevyn Rogers in 2017; personal best in the 1500 is 3:50.19. Jenny Simpson’s collegiate record, unchallenged for a decade, is almost 10 seconds slower (3:59.90). Eastwood has run 14:38.80 in the 5,000, far ahead of Simpson’s collegiate record of 15:01.70.

If he fails there, he’ll identify as retarded and run in the Special Olympics.

If the biological girls compete against ‘June’, they are part of the problem. Boycott these men taking over your sports! Unless you are all for it, and then i don’t care.