about sports

“My sense is that yours is the overwhelming majority opinion.. I’ve lived in a Big Ten University town for 44 years, and at this point I could care a less what happens.. I mean what used to be escapist weekend entertainment, as well a harmless source of state and local pride, has now morphed into just another misinformative leftist political weapon.. Sorry, but the truth is that organized sports in general, be it professional, collegiate, and even high school, have all just become a bit too radicalized and “woke” for lack of a better word.. Now don’t get me wrong!.. It is a damn shame it happened.. But the fact of the matter is that the genie’s out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back in at this point..The moral of the story, AGAIN, is that the Left always has and always will destroy every single it touches just as it has for generations….”

“Shut it all down — shut all college football down and you’ll see the colleges and universities that rely on the $$ for other sports whining a year from now. But, since many have also fallen to the Social Justice Warrior Idiocy, I don’t give a crap. I don’t care if another college football game is ever played again. Just like I don’t care if another NFL, MLB, NBA nor NHL game is ever played again. They can all go pound sand!”