the why:

A Coroner or ME or what ever they call them these days lists cause of death or the treating physician has to put it in the record if the patient died in the hospital.
That was the problem the Democratss were having: the coroners and medical examiners and most Doctor didn’t want to play the Democratic coding game.
Eventually, Trump figured it out ( or someone did)
So Trump stripped the CDC of tabulating test results and instead had the statistics sent to a database in Washington. Those stats were then given to the CDC.
Trump saw the problem with the over reporting as people could get tested numerous times and each one was a positive because the Natl Statistic people told doctors etc to include POSSIBLE and PROBABLE covid as POSITIVE. The claim gets filed as a swab test for possible covid and is added to the positive case numbers. If it comes back negative, they’re not going to go back and change it. And you could get tested again if you had the sniffles- so you could get counted twice too. The Statistics people also said that no matter the cause of death, covid should always be put as primary cause even if they weren’t tested or were shot to death! He also stopped everyone getting tested who had no symptoms because everyone tested is a ‘POSSIBLE positive’! See how that works?
The numbers were a complete LIE and Trump knew it and fixed it.

The MSM is committing treason but NOT REPORTING this startling new revelation. The President really needs to get out front on this deal at a news conference and go over it in detail. In that way the MSM will be forced to cover it.

Early on I was calling COVID-19 a hoax….a coup attempt, but was chastised as a fool…a conspiracy theorist among other things. Yeah, there has been a virus “going around”….but the overwhelming government response to it has been nothing short of an attempt to destroy the very structure of the United States.

To me, the most telling statistic is on the CDC website. Overall reported deaths from all causes, last I checked, were down about 10% over the same period last year… You can’t have a real pandemic and have the death rate go DOWN!

Fauci, Birx, Gates, Tedros and others should be in Prison.